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The Eventual Turn of Billie Starkz: ROH’s Twisted Allyship

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Billie Starkz in Athena’s corner. This organic friendship turned into a twisted, manipulative allyship when Athena announced that she would be turning Billie into her minion in training.

The bubbly, joyful Billie had to be broken down and ripped apart to become what the Women’s World Champion wanted. There has been progress with this, Billie even fully embracing becoming a minion for Athena. Thinking that Athena would provide that mentorship that she’s seeking. However, I don’t think that Billie thought that it would get to the point where we see Billie lose that beautifully optimistic spirit that we know her to have.

Last week, when Athena berated Billie to the point when she was at the edge of tears and needed consoling from Lexy Nair, you could see something snap in Billie.

Even though Billie provided an assist in helping Athena retain her title against Mercedes Martinez last week, you can see that Athena’s disapproval has broken her.

With the complexities of Starkz still seeking the approval to make her feel like she belongs on the ROH women’s roster. However, this brokenness in Billie shows that she doesn’t just want to regain the trust of Athena again. She wants to use that trust against Athena later.

You can see that Billie is putting on a face to mask her newfound disgust for the tyrannical Athena. Who has admitted that she will yell, scream, hit and humiliate Billie if she needs to to get Billie to become the violent monster that she craves.

The thing that Athena may not be counting on, is that this killer that she might be trying to create will come for that title and destroy her creator to obtain it.

Do you think Athena will figure it out before it’s to late?

Check out our interview with Billie Starkz:


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