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The Final Boss: Meiko Satomura

The native of Niigata, Japan, was already a legend when Meiko Satomura joined NXT UK. She joins the fastest-growing sports entertainment business with an illustrious career that started at the age of 15 and has lasted four decades.

However, previous to joining NXT UK, Satomura had extensive experience in a WWE ring. During a strong semifinal run in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, The Final Boss defeated future NXT Superstars Mercedes Martinez and Kayden Carter. A great veteran and a razor-sharp competitor. She is capable to holding her own against almost any style match. The Mae Young Classic left a lasting impression on me.

Satomura debuted in professional wrestling on April 15, 1995, beating Sonoko Kato for the all-female organization Gaea Japan. Meiko Satomura and Sonoko Kato beat Sugar Sato and Chikayo Nagashima to claim the first AAAW Tag Team Championship on November 2, 1996. Satomura would later win the championship twice more, this time with Ayako Hamada and Chikayo Nagashima. Her second reign as AAAW Singles Champion ended on April 3, 2005, when she was defeated by Aja Kong. Before it closed on April 10, Gaea Japan held its last show. Satomura beat her trainer, Chigusa Nagayo, in the main event.

Satomura began wrestling for WCW in 1996 as a result of Gaea Japan’s collaboration with WCW, which was aiming to develop a women’s division. She competed in an eight-woman tournament to determine the first WCW Women’s World Championship but was defeated in the first round by eventual champion Akira Hokuto. When WCW added a second championship for women, she competed, but was eliminated in the first round by Toshie Uematsu, who went on to win the tournament. Satomura continued to perform for WCW until the two companies’ financial ties expired.

Additionally, in 2005, Satomura launched Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling. Satomora, together with Kaoru and Tomoko Kuzumi, took part in the Splash J & Running G competition on September 23, 2009. Satomora’s squad advanced to the final after defeating the Dynamite Kansai, Makie Numao, and Yasuko Kuragaki. They won the Splash J & Running G event by defeating Hikari Fukuoka, Kanako Motoya, and Sonoko Kato.

Satomura made her Chikara debut in May 2012 as part of the promotion’s Aniversario weekend. She came back to Chikara that same year and competed in the group’s most important tournament, King of Trios. The King of Trios competition was won by Satomura, Cassandra Miyagi, and Dash Chisako in 2016. The trio was revealed as part of the tournament’s 2017 lineup.

While she has been an outspoken supporter of women’s wrestling, she is far from retiring — as many who have crossed paths with her on NXT UK, including “The Forever Champion” Kay Lee Ray, have discovered. Despite defeating Satomura in their first bout for the NXT UK Women’s Title, The Final Boss outlasted Ray in the rematch to win the title and end Ray’s championship reign at 649 days!

One might easily make the case that Meiko is the greatest female wrestler of all time. She is a true trailblazer and legend in Japan and, although never truly breaking out in the United States, has achieved genuine celebrity. Her move set is fantastic and fierce, and she puts up some incredible bouts. Despite her advanced years, she manages to match well with the younger talent.

The Death Valley Driver and Scorpio Rising kick of the Final Boss may finish out an opponent in the blink of an eye. With her vicious Strong Style blows and well performed submissions, any NXT UK Superstar considering making a name for themselves will have to think twice.


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