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Total Divas Recap S1E11: "Nurse Nikki"

Previously on Total Divas: SummerSlam happened and Jojo sang the National Anthem at the start of the show, but we heard nothing about it the entire episode. Trinity hit Nattie in the bladder during the match and made her pee herself and everyone made fun of her for it. Ariane yelled at Vinny some more during a party. John Cena found out he is injured and will be out for a few months and ditched Nikki on the red carpet. Eva Marie was being really passive-aggressive towards the Bellas and found out she will be in their corner during SummerSlam. Daniel Bryan beat John Cena for the WWE Championship. A few more things happened too, but you can go back and read about it for the full experience. Now, let’s see what everyone is up to this week!

The episode opens with the Bellas backstage and they are on the phone with a costume designer from the show Psych since they will be making a guest appearance. I’m going to warn you, this week’s episode is VERY Bella-heavy. Brie is basically making fun of Nikki’s weight (didn’t we just have an entire episode about this?? And Brie said she was going to start to be more sensitive to Nikki’s feelings?) and Nikki isn’t thrilled about it. In the next scene, we are at John Cena’s house and he and Nikki are looking at his giant “fish tank” which is really an entire wall and more like an aquarium. I honestly can say that I am not surprised, my only question is who feeds the fish and how do you feed them if the aquarium is an entire wall?

Nikki’s moving boxes show up at the house and John Cena finds out that she has 26 boxes on the delivery truck. He definitely isn’t a fan of this, but again, I’m not sure what he was expecting since he was the one that invited her to move all the way across the country. We are STILL having scenes involving the Bellas. We are now backstage and Nikki is finally telling Brie about John Cena’s injury. She also kisses the production truck since there’s a giant picture of John Cena on it and I couldn’t help but think about how unsanitary that is. That truck is outside most of the time and who knows what is on it. She also makes Brie kiss the truck and then gets mad because she is “kissing” her man. I don’t know what to think of these two sometimes.

Finally moving on from the Bellas, we get to check in with Eva Marie. Eva tells us that being a Diva is extremely important to her and she knows this is the right path for her. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. Mark pulls Eva, Nattie, Trin, Ariane, and Jojo (why is Jojo even here? I thought she and Eva weren’t going to talk anymore) together and asks Eva if she wants to ring announce next week on Raw. Why do all the other women need to be there for that? Shouldn’t that be a private meeting between Mark and Eva? I don’t understand it. For some reason, Mark asks Eva to “audition” even though he already told her that she’s doing it. Eva attempts to introduce Nattie and it is mostly a disaster, so I’m really excited to see how the actual announcing goes.

John Cena announces to the fans at Raw that he needs to undergo surgery for a torn tricep and will be out for 4-6 months. Nikki and Brie are watching backstage. John Cena calls Daniel Bryan out to congratulate him. After this segment, Bryan is pulled aside by Mark and told that he is basically taking John Cena’s spot and will be on the road a lot more and have way more commitments and appearances than he will need to do. Bryan is excited about it and understands more travel is part of being the champion.

After the show, Nikki and John Cena travel by private jet to Pensacola where John Cena will have his surgery. He is nervous about it because of his age and Nikki is worried that it is going to be career-ending. Although this really doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from her because it seems as if she thinks every injury is career-ending.

I told you this was a VERY heavy Bella episode. In the next scene, Nikki is at the hospital with John Cena as he undergoes the surgery. She is watching the whole thing happen through a window, which I don’t know why she would want to because I personally would be as far away from that window as I could, but to each their own. They end up closing the curtain during the surgery and I’m sure they had some sort of reasoning, but I like to believe it was because Nikki kept being creepy by staring out the window. The surgery was successful and John Cena even ended up spraying all the doctors with his blood because he’s some kind of superhuman.

In one of my favorite scenes of this episode, Eva Marie meets up with Alicia Fox at the Performance Center. Alicia always stirs the pot no matter what is going on, so I always love seeing her make appearances on this show. Eva tells Alicia that she is going to try out ring announcing on Raw. Alicia acts supportive, but then basically tells Eva not to screw up because when she had tried ring announcing, she almost got fired for saying “um” a lot. Then she just kind of laughs and walks away after putting this new fear in Eva’s head. I love her. I love her so much.

Don’t worry, we are checking back in with the Bellas. They are at their shoot for their appearance on Psych and are in the makeup chairs where they are being made to look like zombies. The makeup is actually pretty dope, and I’ve never seen this show, but I’m interested to see how they did and how the makeup came across on screen. Nikki is complaining the entire time she’s there because she feels guilty that she’s doing the shoot, but John Cena is home in a wheelchair. Why is he in a wheelchair? The surgery was on his arm? I always leave the Bellas scenes with more questions than answers.

Eva Marie is with Mark where they are going to go over her ring announcing for Raw. Every time Mark is on my screen, I get irrationally angry. I don’t know if it’s his smug face or what it is, but I’m not a fan of the man. Anyway, Eva screws up immediately when she calls it a match instead of a contest and Mark has to correct her. She then announces Randy Orton as being from Los Angeles when he’s actually from St. Louis and Mark about loses his mind. He tells her that she has to get it together. Eva asks if she can cheat and use note cards or write things on her hand and Mark tells her no.

Because we can’t go too long without a scene involving the Bellas, we have a very quick scene where John Cena picks up Nikki from the airport. I’m surprised that they are allowing him to drive, but I suppose I also am not a doctor. John Cena asks about how Bryan is doing with his hectic schedule rather than just calling him and asking himself. Nikki starts talking about how Brie won’t be able to handle him being on the road since she’s the boss and is kind of nasty about the whole situation which I think may stem from jealousy. That’s all there really is to this scene, but I’m sure we’ll be checking in with one, if not both, of the twins later.

We FINALLY have a scene with Trin and Jon Uso. The two of them are at their apartment and Jon Uso realizes he has blood on his sock where his big toe is. Trin makes him take off the sock and realizes that there is something NASTY going on with the toe. She tells him he needs to go to the doctor because he is rotting from the inside out and she also believes his toe is going to fall off eventually.

Of course, we have to have another quick Bella scene. Brie and Bryan are at their house and looking at the schedule and realize Bryan is about to be on the road for thirteen days in a row. Bryan begins to pack for all those days and Brie talks about how much she misses him. That’s the entire scene. Moving on.

It is now Monday Night Raw and Eva Marie cannot even find Gorilla to go out and announce. This is already a complete disaster. Justin Roberts tells her that she’s basically on her own for the night and he’ll be out there, but not able to help her. While practicing, she calls Jinder Mahal, Ginger Mahal. I don’t think she’s actually ever watched an episode of this show in her entire life. Mother Nattie tells us that all Eva has to do is memorize a few lines and it really shouldn’t be that difficult. I’m getting the vibe that Eva isn’t even really trying to memorize anything and is just caring about how she looks rather than just sitting down and learning the material and doing a good job.

After Mark told her no, Eva decides to make a cheat sheet for the ring announcing. She first introduces the Usos and it’s brutal. Her voice is very high-pitched and almost has a screech to it. She then introduces Jojo’s ex-flame, Justin Gabriel, and Nattie and Brie are literally covering their ears and laughing because it is so bad. After Justin, she goes on to introduce Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater but COMPLETELY forgets to even say Jinder Mahal’s name. Like literally she just leaves the ring. Things are not looking good for Eva.

During the Uso’s match, Jon Uso is clearly limping a bit and Ariane asks Trin if there is something wrong with his foot. Right after this, Jon Uso comes backstage and takes off his boot, and his toe is really messed up. I’m talking blood everywhere to the point that they needed to get him stitches. All the wrestlers in the area are looking on as though this is a crime scene when in reality it’s just Jon Uso’s messed-up toe and that makes me laugh in a weird way. Later in the episode, Trin finally drags Jon Uso to the doctor’s office to get the toe checked out. The foot doctor tells Jon Uso that he does indeed have a fungus and proceeds to cut back bits of Jon Uso’s toe which he is not thrilled about since they didn’t give him any anesthesia.

The foot doctor finds out that the fungus is actually very contagious and spreadable and Trin is obviously upset about this information. She has the foot doctor look at her feet as well to make sure that she also doesn’t have this fungus. Unfortunately, the doctor found that Trin does indeed have the fungus in her big toe and Trin immediately starts laying into Jon Uso about spreading his fungus foot to her. It really is entertaining and a nice change of pace from all of the Bella drama. Both Jon Uso and Trin get their antibiotics and are sent home so they get rid of the fungus.

Going back in time a little bit to backstage at Raw, Mark chews Eva out for forgetting Jinder’s name and tells her that Jinder is not at all happy about the situation. Mark tells Eva that she needs to go apologize to the members of 3 Man Band (Drew, Jinder, and Heath) for screwing up their entrance. They are all heated with her and even yell at her a bit which I think is completely fair. Jinder tells her that she needs to sit down and learn everybody on the roster’s names out of respect since they’ve all been around longer than she has. She also called Jinder “Ginger” when Heath asked her if she even knew his name and that also didn’t go over too well. She gives an “apology” that really isn’t an apology because she still thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. They tell her to get it together and show some respect for them and everyone else backstage, but she just keeps repeating that she thinks she did a good job since she didn’t cheat. So, I really don’t think Eva even learned anything from this whole debacle but that seems to be very on-brand for her.

We close out the show with two Bella Twins scenes because how could we not on this episode? Brie calls Bryan on Facetime with Josie to talk about his day and how everything is going and all the activities he has been having to do. Bryan is tired but seems to be in good spirits. Brie mentions how crazy it is that they both work for the same company, but yet never get to see each other. And that’s basically where we leave off for the week with Brie’s story.

Meanwhile, Nikki is at John Cena’s house and unpacking her last box from the move. As she is doing this, John Cena comes up to her and tells her that if she really does want to stay and live in the house that she needs to sign a document which he reveals to be a cohabitation agreement. John Cena has already signed it and he tells her that she needs to sign it three times AND have it notarized. I’m sorry, but the notarized thing would have me gone. I just had to get a document notarized the other day and it was such a pain finding someplace that was actually open. That would be my main reason for being mad about all of this. But anyway, back to the show. I get why he’s having her sign a document and it does make sense on his part, but I understand completely why she would be mad about it. In the document, it calls her a guest of the house and gives her 48 hours to vacate the property if he asks her to.

Nikki is wondering why he is having her sign it now instead of before she moved all of her stuff in and I totally agree with her. She literally moved across the country and he waits until she’s already there to have her sign it. Pretty shady if you ask me. Nikki is not at all pleased and tells him that she needs time to think about it and read through the document before signing it. John Cena says that he understands and she can take all the time she needs. Nikki ends up leaving the house because she is embarrassed and feels foolish for moving all the way over there just to sign an official document AFTER she moves her stuff in. Pretty heavy stuff and I can see both sides, but I do agree that John Cena should have had her sign it when he was asking her to move in originally. We are then left hanging about what happens since the episode ends, so we will have to wait until next week to see all of this godown.

NEXT WEEK: S1E12 “Seeing Red”. I’m not sure what this episode is about, but I imagine it will revolve around Nikki deciding if she wants to sign the cohabitation agreement or not. And probably something with Eva since red is in the title. We’ll see you next week!


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