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Women Likely to Return Ahead of Wrestlemania

The road to Wrestlemania begins here, after the Royal Rumble, with the Elimination Chamber in the distance. Week after week, we’ve been watching to see if these three hotly discussed women would return in time for the mega event that is Wrestlemania. It’s finally been quietly confirmed.

Lacey Evans

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Charlotte Flair’s infamous battle with this “Southern Belle” ended with her shocking reveal that Evans was pregnant. In reality, she was pregnant with her second child, not just for the sake of the story. Evan’s birth was a success, and she’s been back in the gym working on her fitness in preparation for her reentry into the ring.

Dave Meltzer said in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Also, likely back soon is Lacey Evans, who had been training for her return. Evans, 31, gave birth to her second child in October, which was three-and-a-half months ago so returning this week would have been pushing it.”


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Asuka was the subject of reports that she had been cleared to wrestle but had not been put to use. Asuka was pleased to debunk the allegations about her injury, saying that she was indeed hurt. WWE speculated ahead of the Rumble that they didn’t believe Asuka was physically ready to return at the Rumble. Meltzer revealed that Asuka hopes to return to television before to Mania. Asuka has been absent from the screen since Money in the Bank, and the universe is eagerly awaiting her return.


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Everyone was taken by surprise when Bayley sustained an injury while working out at the performance facility. Bayley was expected to be sidelined for nine months following knee surgery. Injured Bayley has done an excellent job of keeping herself in the public eye by using Twitter to get herself involved in a number of current feuds. When asked if Bayley would be returning before Wrestlemania, Meltzer said yes, in the same breath as Asuka.


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