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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Fire ‘N Flava

IMPACT! Wrestling stands to be the most dominant place for women in wrestling. From Awesome Kong to Rhaka Khan, black women continue to help build the importance of the Knockouts division. With the introduction of Fire ‘N Flava, the Knockouts Tag Team division changed forever.

In addition, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan become a force in IMPACT! Wrestling. To no surprise, their climb to success is a swift journey.

Fire 'N Flava Become New Knockouts Tag Team Champions – IMPACT Wrestling

The Impact of Fire ‘N Flava

Together, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz become unstoppable. In their short time, they prove to be worthy of gold. After successfully winning the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament, Fire ‘N Flava pick up their first title victory. They go on to defend and retain against the likes of Havok, Jorydnne Grace, and women’s wrestling legend, Jazz.

In another historic moment, they take their championships over to GCW For The Culture 2021. In addition, they successfully defend yet again, displaying their dominance over the world of tag team wrestling.

After losing their championships, Fire ‘N Flava see a change in their hunger to stay on top. Shortly after taking that loss, they regain what is rightful theirs. In addition, they become two-time IMPACT! Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

The Legacy of Fire ‘N Flava 

Even with their separation, these two women continue to reach heights of the unknown.

Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz is the first-ever Knockout to win an Ulitmate X Match. In addition, Steelz goes on to become the first-ever Afro-Latina IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion. Nevertheless, her win over Mickie James is something she will forever be proud of.

Last year, Steelz tells WrestleZone, “This is definitely my best match and definitely the most memorable and I can’t even explain, I’m speechless about it. That was my best match and I’m looking forward to just having this title reign and show why I beat Mickie James and that I belong.”

Recently, it was reported that Tasha Steelz has requested time off from IMPACT! Wrestling. Here at WWT, we can not wait for Steelz to step back into the IMPACT! Zone and make history yet again. In the meantime, be sure to check out our recent interview with Tasha Steelz available now.

Kiera Hogan

Since making her debut in AEW, Kiera Hogan is always the one to watch. Making history in her own right, Kiera Hogan becomes part of yet another historic group in women’s wrestling. Kiera Hogan, Jade Cagrill, and Red Velvet are the first-ever all-black faction in AEW history. In addition, these women make up “The Baddies” of AEW.

As AEW continues to grow within its women’s division, The Baddies is one of the most important aspects of representation in women’s wrestling. Now that they have split, the history and story behind their dynamic is something that creates longevity within the division.

Here at WWT, we celebrate Fire ‘N Flava for Black History Month. Thank you for all your contributions to professional wrestling, women’s wrestling, and black women.


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