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WWT Top 25 Women Wrestlers of 2022: #7 Masha Slamovich

Masha Slamovich repeatedly demonstrates that she is “Russian Dynamite” in every promotion by annihilating her opponents with her Joshi Strong style and deathmatches. Her Title Reigns has been on fire as the inaugural champion of Combat Fights Unlimited and the inaugural champion of Expect the Unexpected Key to the East. Throughout her career, Masha fought Jordynne Grace for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts championship. Slamovich began her career with a dominant victory after another, accumulating an impressive win streak. With Slamovich on the roster, it was obvious from the beginning that Impact fans would receive more than they bargained for. Whether it’s a fan’s first time seeing Slamovich in action or they’ve always followed her path of destruction and dominance on the independent circuit.

Masha has wrestling in various independent wrestling promotions, including Pro Wrestling VIBE, ICW No Holds Barred, and Pro Wrestling Revolver. Standing opposite each other in the ring are Kidd Bandit, John Wayne Murdoch, AKIRA, and Alex Shelly. Even wrestling is popular in Japan. The Russian Dynamite would lead women’s professional wrestling alongside Bull Nakano, Alundra Blayze, and others. If she improved across match types, she would be WWE, NWA, or AEW’s women’s champion.

In light of the foregoing, Masha Slamovich’s contention for every Impact Wrestling-sanctioned title belt should be considered plausible. In 2023, this means that the shrewd superstar will have limitless opportunities. Masha Slamovich will experience a thrilling period as she continues to rule from top to bottom in 2023.


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