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An Open Letter to Tony Khan: Please Put More Women’s Matches on TV

I have been a fan of All Elite Wrestling since almost the beginning of the company. I loved having an alternative to WWE and I loved the indie feel to the show. It is exciting to see the company’s many wrestlers, many of whom I have known from years of touring the independent circuit, finally get their big break with an organization like AEW. I also appreciated that the business welcomed some of my favorite performers from the WWE, Impact, and other organizations. I also loved that, for the most part, AEW listened to their fans and did things differently from WWE. There are, of course, issues with AEW, as there is with every wrestling company. However, one of the biggest and most obvious issues is their treatment of the women’s division.

This letter has nothing to do with women as individuals because they shine every time, they have the chance. There have been many great women’s matches in AEW and many compelling storylines as well. The AEW women’s roster is also huge. According to AEW’s official website, there are currently 29 women in AEW right now. There are also two women’s championships in the company – Thunder Rose (who is currently injured) is the AEW Women’s Champion, Toni Storm is the interim women’s champion, and Jade Cargill is the TBS Champion.

With two championships and 29 women “officially” on the roster with numerous other women working with AEW either with a contract or without a contract, why are we still only averaging two women’s matches a week? There is usually only one women’s match on Dynamite and one women’s match on Rampage. 

I’ve suggested AEW Women’s Tag Team Championships and a show to replace Dark or Elevation due to the roster’s size. I still think these things should happen, but I don’t understand why there can’t be multiple women’s matches on each televised show each week. It’s not the same as having a match. Dark and Elevation have more women’s matches each week, but they don’t get as much viewership as Dynamite and Rampage and aren’t on TV.

Each week, it seems like there are one of two men’s matches on Dynamite and/or Rampage that don’t seem to have a point or story attached to them and don’t seem to have a lot of interest from the live crowd or viewers watching from home. It shouldn’t be difficult to remove some of these matches and replace them with women’s matches. There are so many fantastic women on the roster that we hardly ever see on TV. Athena, Ruby Soho (before she was injured), Penelope Ford, Mercedes Martinez, Emi Sakura, Hikaru Shida, and Abadon are just a few names that immediately come to mind.

Madison Rayne, The Bunny, Serena Deeb, and Willow Nightingale are featured more but still underutilized. Even two Dynamite and two Rampage matches would help showcase the women.

In March 2022, Tony Khan bought ROH and took over the women’s division. Over the past few months, ROH has held a few women’s matches, but usually instead of AEW matches. AEW and ROH women should not have to compete for three hours of TV a week and two matches. Fans are disappointed when the company signs Athena and Ruby Soho only to underuse them on TV. With her experience and fan support, Athena shouldn’t be limited to Dark and Elevation matches.

My message to Tony Khan is clear. Please include more women’s matches and storylines that don’t involve the AEW Women’s Championship or TBS Championship. Please don’t keep adding women to factions so they’re on TV but not wrestling or advancing their storyline.The fans want more women’s wrestling in AEW. The women on your roster deserve it.

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