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Deonna Purrazzo Says Chelsea Green Is The Only One

Deonna Purrazzo speaks to us about her future plans in wrestling. When asked about a partner to go after the IMPACT! Knockouts Tag Team division, Purrazzo says “there’s only one!” That one is Chelsea Green.

“That’s the only one, that’s my real-life best friend. That’s the person I spend every single day with and when we’re not together, we’re texting.” She dives more into their relationship, and the meaning it carries in her career.

“I don’t have a sister and I’ve said this numerous times about her. If I had to understand what a relationship with a sister would be like that’s what I think it would be like, she is my sister more than she is my best friend.”

She continues, “There’s no one I’d trust more to be in the ring with. There’s no one who’s had my back more in this crazy wrestling world that has been with me through the ups and the downs.”

She goes on to discuss their differences in wrestling styles and being the total package as a team.

“I’m more technical based and more brown based. She has speed, she has agility, she’ll go to the top rope, she’ll do all these crazy things.” She says, “We are each other’s balancing act, the things that she’s really good at are things that i’m not necessarily great at, and vice versa. So I think that when you put us together, you get the complete package.”

Be sure to check out the full interview available now.


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