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Ring Of Honor Recap | 3.9.23

Trish Adora defeats Billie Starkz

Trish Adora and Billie Starkz are no strangers to making an impact. Traveling all over the world, each of these women proves that they are the future of wrestling. Tonight, Trish Adora and Billie Starkz go one-on-one in the Ring Of Honor ring.

In the end, Adora gets the win and displays her dominance in the match. Nevertheless, Starkz continues to show the world that she is the one to watch.

We are sure we will see more of Starkz in the weeks to come. On the other hand, this win for Adora pushes her opportunity to have a chance at some ROH gold.

After the match, Adora and Starkz embrace with a handshake and hug showing their honor to one another. In addition, check out our recent interview with Billie Starkz available now.

Athena defeats Willow Nightingale

In the main event, Athena defends her championship against Willow Nightingale. For weeks, these two continue to build their feud as we get closer to ROH Supercard.

Pulling out all the stops, Athena and Willow brawl all over the arena. The best part of this match is not knowing how it could end. On the other hand, Athena does not have an opponent for ROH Supercard and this could be a great build.

In the end, Athena defeats Willow and retains. Who will step up and challenge Athena at ROH Supercard? Is this feud between Athena and Willow even over? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter @WWTalkPod.

Catch Ring Of Honor Supercard live in Los Angeles and FITE TV on March 31st. Tickets are still available. Be sure to tune in to our ROH post-show happening tonight. Stream live on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.


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